by Mad Satta

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Kadin Wisniewski
Kadin Wisniewski thumbnail
Kadin Wisniewski So good. So god damn good. Everything about it. Favorite track: The Makings of You.
EdwardShoots thumbnail
EdwardShoots Sweet, warm, music for the soul. Favorite track: The Makings of You.
Carlos Rugerio
Carlos Rugerio thumbnail
Carlos Rugerio can't wait to hear more from you! I listened to you once and that was all I needed. Greeting from Mexico Favorite track: Reach Out.
DarkSunRise thumbnail
DarkSunRise Excellent version. Love the cd. Favorite track: The Makings of You.
Joshua Woodley
Joshua Woodley thumbnail
Joshua Woodley I just absolutely love Joanna Teter's voice. It's so deep, husky and rich. Very similar to Jill Scott and just as sexy. Beautiful. Great musicians on this album as well, recent Berkley graduates I believe. Sound like Moonchild. Favorite track: The Makings of You.
Keith Corbin
Keith Corbin thumbnail
Keith Corbin Great album, amazing production, and Joanna Teters kills it. Saw them as the opening band on Halloween and they stole the show. Favorite track: Epiphany.
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Joanna Teters- vocals

Ben Carr- electric bass

Ted Morcaldi- electric guitar, acoustic guitar , vibraphone, marimba

Kevin Theodore- keyboards, organ, acoustic piano

Zane West- drum set, tabla, electronic drums

Jason Fitch- tenor saxophone

Collin Wade- alto saxophone, flute

Eric Zeiser- trumpet, flugelhorn

*All songs © Mad Satta LLC 2014

Executive Producer- Joe Skrzypczak
Produced by Prince Charles Alexander and Carlos Perez de Anda
Mixed by Prince Charles Alexander and Matt Peiffer
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner
*With the exception of "The Makings of You" © Curtis Mayfield Estate


released October 14, 2014

1. Sattalude #1
(K. Theodore)
2. Reach Out
(Z. West/J. Teters)
3. Better
(K. Theodore/ J. Teters)
4. Oh Lord
(B. Carr)
5. See Through You
(K. Theodore/ B. Carr/J. Teters)
6. Makings of You
(© Curtis Mayfield, horn arrangement by J. Fitch)
7. By Your Side
(C. Wade/J. Teters)
8. Sattalude 2
(K. Theodore, J. Teters)
9. Past Lives
(K. Theodore/B. Carr/ J. Teters/K. Theodore)
10. Epiphany
(T. Morcaldi)

This album was recorded at The Record Company (Boston), Q Division (Boston), Studio ofthe Drew (NYC), Firehouse 12 (New Haven), Ljundquist Studio (Pawling, NY) & Converse Rubber Tracks (NYC).

To our incredible team of producers and engineers, thank you for your hard work and dedication—Carlos Perez de Anda, Matt Peiffer, Gary Ljundquist, Joel Edinberg, Chris Krasnow, Chris Reba and Drew of the Drew. Endless thanks to the Marton Family, the Teters Family, the Skrzypczak Family, Prince Charles Alexander, Mitch Benoff, Matt Peiffer, J Shia, Ben Teters, Lauren Desberg, Greg Vogt, The Scarpa Family, Leslie Feist, Addie Farr, Anthony Abraham, Ethan Moore, Luke Carr, Revive Music & all of our friends, families & supporters. We love & appreciate you all!

To all of our Indiegogo supporters, thank you for believing in this project! Especially Claudia Castaneda & Carol Marton, Laurie Willow, David Femia, Balam Garcia, Jack Spahn, Sheila Fishman, Raymond McKenzie, Maria Mancheno, Ted and Ellie Runge, the LaRussa Family, Lisa St. John, Scott Mason, the Grossberndt Family, Scott & Meagan Skrypczak, Gary & Lori Dickens, Teresa Fanska, Henry Cormier, Jeff Moro, Tracy Badgely, the Hayes Family, Cheryl Weston, the Wade Family, Con May, Maureen Gilmore-Hebert, Janis Guter, Joan Cullman & the Zeiser Family



all rights reserved


Mad Satta New York, New York

Future-Soul Collective from NY/CT led by vocalist Joanna Teters.

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Track Name: Reach Out
Why don't you reach out to me
You're like an island out at sea
I'm left waiting on the shore

As shallow as a stream
As far as I can see
I took what I need, there's nothing left for me

What kind of man are you
Always up and leaving when we're through
I want you all the time, but I'm lost
Looked in the window of your heart
But the window pane was fogged
Now there's nothing left to do but forget you

Reach out to me
I need you
Reach out to me
Where can you be found, when I reach out to you

Breathe it out, take it in
Move with me, watch me win
Throw away the lock and key
Reach out, out to me
Track Name: Better
Everyday I wake up to your voicemail,
a little in my ear to start my day off right
Sunlight is streaming through my window
Little stretch up and yawn and I know it's true
It's another day to feel you in all I do

Don't you know, oh, don't know you I'm better
Better when I'm with you

Every night I fall into my pillow
Look over to the spot where I wish you'd stay
Moonlight is streaming through my window
Gently close my eyes and I know it's true
Another day has passed I still feel you
Track Name: Oh Lord
Oh lord, I've got one thing to confess
I've been bad but it felt good to kick back and undress
It felt right to do wrong and I don't feel good about it
Help me, good lord...

I still can't tell what to think about it
No one has seen a glimpse of us
I tried real hard to pretend that it was nothing
But he wasn't like the others
I made up some things, I know it was my bad
Let's just keep chasing one another
Let's get it on on the down low, real slow I don't care
What they might say about us

I don't know half the things they say about us
I want to believe you so bad but I doubt it
Don't tell me things that I don't wanna hear
Delete the pictures on my phone and hide it

I crossed the line, got stuck in time
Whose fault, who knows, time now it unfolds
Forget the flowers, forget the promise
Oh help me, good lord

I don't know half the things they say about us
I want to believe you so bad but I doubt it
Don't tell me things that I don't wanna hear
Delete the pictures on my phone and hide it

My fault indeed, time heals completely,
Help me, good lord...
Track Name: See Through You
What's inside a face can't hide
My eyes can see through you
See you, feel you, as you come across this way
Love is not enough for you
So why should I believe you
If I see you waste the day away

You used me, confused me, left me to dry
I know you untrue boy I can see through what you do
You used me, refused me I spent the night crying
Can't take no more so I'm done with you

Same old tricks, a different fix
What a plan you had to confuse me
Use me, abuse me, like it's all okay
Dreamt that we could see this through
But somewhere I lost my point of view
Said goodbye when you walked out of my life
Track Name: The Makings of You
Add little sugar, honey suckle lamb
And a great big expression of happiness
Boy, you could not miss with a dozen roses
Such would astound you
The joy of children laughing around you
These are the makings of you
It is true, the makings of you, oh

The righteous way to go
Anyone would know
I believe I thought I told you so
You're second to none

Love of all mankind should reflect some sign
Of these words I'm trying to recite
They're close, but not quite
Almost impossible to do
Reciting the makings of you
Track Name: By Your Side
What more can I say, I've almost said it all
Whether you're far away or if you're right here with me
I'm gonna give you my heart
I know that you're the one, I see it in your eyes
You've got the kind of love that I know is hard to find
but in time we'll make it

It's all alright, I didn't understand what you meant
When you said I love you
But now I know that what we have
We must take care

I'm by your side—tonight—your light—it's right

And when I hear your voice
Sounds like heaven to me
Truly I never thought it would happen to me
But your love has my soul

I'm by your side (baby I'm by your side)
Tonight (let me make you feel alright)
Your light (love when it's shining bright)
Track Name: Sattalude #2
I'll be back someday
Know nothing in the world could replace the love you gave
How can I repay
So hard to be away
for you I'd walk for miles and miles to finally say, I'll be around to stay
Track Name: Past Lives
Baby, lately, you've been trying to change me
Turn my back and I walk away cause I'm the one that's crazy
Used to be so easy, fell into your pleasing
Blind to what you made of me, now I see it clearly
Part of you, a part of me, tangled story of we
It's gotten hard to see in the dark
So tired of tripping
Track Name: Epiphany
Come float away with me
We'll fly beyond the sea
For all eternity, you'll see

Travel to a world of peace
What a dream
Land void of war and greed
So serene

Come float away with me,
let's hop this galaxy
Beyond the stars we'll seek bliss